Player Transfers Info (Lindsay Minor Hockey)

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Are you new to Lindsay or moving to the area?

If your child has been registered in another hockey centre, you will not be able to register with Lindsay Minor Hockey (LMHA) through the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) until a Player Transfer with the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) has been completed.

*Note: It can take a couple of weeks to complete this process; it is advised to submit this request as soon as possible!

  • A Player Transfer is required for a residential move into our centre for Rep players and recommended for Local League/House League players.

  • A Player Transfer is not required for an address change within the same centre.

  • If you are transferring from the GTHL, another OHF member, or from outside of Ontario, the Player Transfer process must be initiated from your original home centre (where your player was registered before). Please check with your original home centre first.



Step 1: Complete the online form: Request for Player Transfer Forms

Step 2: Our LMHA Registrar will forward to you the appropriate Player Transfer Form.

Step 3: Gather all supporting documents required (listed below) and email them back to our LMHA Registrar [email protected] WITH the completed Player Transfer Form.

  • Official Confirmation of School Enrolment  

  • Letter to School Authorizing the OMHA to check on and confirm school enrolment during year 

  • Copy of fully executed Rental Agreement, registered transfer of ownership, or Agreement of Purchase and Sale 

  • Copy of Parent(s)’ updated Driver’s Licence(s) 

  • Copy of a utility or similar bill (i.e. Hydro, telephone, cable, credit card, etc) demonstrating the parent(s)’ name and new address 

  • If applicable, an executed copy of any relevant separation agreement, custody order or divorce decree 

Step 4: Once the Player Transfer process has been completed, our Registrar will send an email confirmation that you may proceed with Registration for the 2023-2024 Season